Three Articles We’re Reading in October

This month, a number of articles are helping to shape our thinking about sustainable growth and corporate responsibility. We’ve picked the following three to share with our readers.
1.Rival Corporate Giants Join Forces to Get Millennials Acting on Climate Change: We’re excited about, which is introduced in this article, for two main reasons. The first is that companies from a range of industries – from food to technology to retail – have come together with NGOs and media to show that they care about climate change and recognize that they cannot act alone. They need to help each other and work with civil society to make a difference. The second is its focus on telling positive stories that inspire action. We love that the site will share solutions to promote the creation, investment and purchase of future innovations – creating a cycle of change.Read more »

Posted on Friday, October 10th, 2014 By Laura Palantone
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Developing Partnerships for Impact

Anna Tunkel, director in APCO’s Sustainable Growth & Corporate Responsibility practice, discusses the power of multi-stakeholder partnerships in addressing today’s most pressing social issues.  She offers examples, such as the World Economic Forum Partnership against Corruption Initiative and Rebuild by Design, that show working collaboratively can result in significant positive impacts.
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What’s Shaping the Role of Business in Society

In this video, Julie Jack, senior director within APCO’s Sustainable Growth & Corporate Responsibility practice, discusses the changing expectations for companies today. She mentions a number of the challenging issues, such as chronic diseases or labor rights, that companies are thought to increasingly act upon to improve society. The investment community and other stakeholders are watching how companies play a role in these issues and how it can contribute to their long-term growth and value.Read more »

Posted on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 By Julie Jack
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Living on Sunshine

Bob BissenA few years ago, my Norwegian brother-in-law visited our home in Northern Virginia for the first time. As I showed him around the yard, he told me the first thing he would do if he owned the house would be to remove the large ash tree in the middle of the backyard. I was shocked. You see, my wife and I love that tree. OK, love is too strong a word, but despite the fact that it’s the last tree in the neighborhood to fully bloom in the spring and the first to lose its leaves in the fall, we really do appreciate the value that it brings.Read more »

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All Your Employee Needs Is Love

As I watched the NYC Pride Parade go down 5th avenue in all its glittery, wonderfully musical, rainbow glory, I was struck not only by the love and positive energy that filled the air, but also by the noticeable number of corporate floats bursting with employees in different colored t-shirts, tossing giveaways into the crowd. While cynics (and likely realists) would view this as a PR stunt and question the authenticity of such a gesture, I thought there was something to be said for companies who support, advocate for and stand by the side of their employees, encouraging them to fully be themselves.

At APCO Worldwide, we talk about the 4 A’s of stakeholder engagement as part of our Champion Brand model: Alignment, Authenticity, Attachment and Advocacy. When a company successfully performs against all four, it strengthens its brand and reputation, and deepens its relationships with stakeholders, contributing to the sustainable growth and long-term success of the company. This model applies to an often overlooked but one of the most important stakeholder groups: employees.Read more »

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Innovating for Community

You are probably reading this on a screen. You may be procrastinating at work or out with friends or even distracting yourself from another screen. You probably saw this on social media during the three or more hours you will spend on those platforms today. That is three fewer hours that you will experience real, human connection and build relationships in the real world, and that is exactly what entrepreneurs are now trying to change.

At New York Ideas last week, hosted by The Aspen Institute and The Atlantic, dozens of entrepreneurs spoke of their various visions and challenges, but all the speakers highlighted community as key to their company’s mission and success. Not the kind of community that comes from having 1,000+ friends on Facebook, connections on LinkedIn or followers on Twitter; they were talking about real, interpersonal connections IRL.Read more »

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Reflections on The Shared Value Leadership Summit

Members of APCO’s Sustainable Growth + Corporate Responsibility team joined the more than 400 attendees at the first day of the Shared Value Leadership Summit, a two-day annual event hosted by the Shared Value Initiative*. In its fourth year, the summit brings together leaders from corporations, NGOs and multi-lateral organizations under the program title, “Investing in Prosperity.”

From today’s panels and conversations with other attendees, we recognized five common themes that can be helpful as we think about developing and promoting shared value or corporate social responsibility programs.Read more »

Posted on Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 By Laura Palantone
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What’s Next for Corporate Responsibility

Leela Stake and James RobinsonIn this video, James Robinson and Leela Stake, co-leads of APCO’s Sustainable Growth & Corporate Responsibility practice look at what’s next for companies and offer our approach to sustainable growth. They discuss how changing public expectations and new societal dynamics—ranging from emerging middle classes to constrained natural resources—have contributed to the evolution of corporate responsibility. In their view, companies must go beyond what is required to obtain a license to operate and grow.Read more »

Posted on Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 By James Robinson
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Waste Not, Want Not: Plastic Bag Proposal Kicks Off Series of Proposals on Waste Reduction and Reuse

More than 8 billion plastic carrier bags end up as litter in the EU every year. While every EU citizen uses on average about 200 plastic carrier bags annually (the vast majority of them being lightweight), there seems to be an increasing awareness of the impact of plastic waste on the environment: 8 out of 10 European citizens want the EU to counteract the overuse of plastic bags in Europe. Now the EU is doing just that:Read more »

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Earth Day: Continuing to Build on Success

Bob Bissen

Today is the 45th celebration of Earth Day, the brainchild of the late Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D-WI) for a “national teach-in on the environment” to move towards countering the effects of air and water pollution on our planet. While individuals may choose to disagree over the impact of “climate change”, there can be little doubt that Earth Day has raised global awareness of the need to protect our big blue marble.Read more »

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