Earth Day: Continuing to Build on Success

Bob Bissen

Today is the 45th celebration of Earth Day, the brainchild of the late Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D-WI) for a “national teach-in on the environment” to move towards countering the effects of air and water pollution on our planet. While individuals may choose to disagree over the impact of “climate change”, there can be little doubt that Earth Day has raised global awareness of the need to protect our big blue marble.Read more »

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Small Technologies Impact the Lives of Refugees

When we think of humanitarian aid, our tendency is to think big. Of course, large-scale infrastructure and logistics are a critical component to any humanitarian assistance program, but meaningful impact can come in smaller packages too, as we learned working with two significant players: MasterCard* and IKEA*. Both of these companies have used their commercial expertise to make a meaningful impact in the lives of refugees. And at the center of both of these campaigns are things that fit in the palm of your hand.Read more »

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Volunteerism Growing & Bringing Shared Benefits

In honor of National Volunteer Month, APCO’s Sustainable Growth + Corporate Responsibility team is launching a series on volunteerism programs. Well-designed and strategic volunteerism programs increasingly offer significant benefits for companies, non-profit organizations, governments and individuals. For companies and individuals, for example, these programs foster internal collaboration, improve skills and expertise, and help to strengthen employee’ and company ties to their communities and relevant causes. For non-profits and governments, these programs help build capacity and offer needed financial and human resources. Read more »

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Business Blurs the Lines of Diplomacy for Social Impact

Effective, pragmatic partnerships based on shared objectives—economic growth, financial stability, and more—are the future of diplomacy. Such partnerships will be the engine for increased security and prosperity, not just for advanced, but also for emerging economies around the world. Creating spaces at international summits for public and private sector leaders to collaborate is critical. Existing public-private pairings such as the United Nations General Assembly and UN Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, or the Group of 20 (G20) and Business 20 (B20) have a proven record of success. They, and future collaborations such as the Concordia Summit and .CO Internet announced recently, will orchestrate long-term opportunities for cross-sector cooperation, and in turn, promote long-term economic growth that taps into public-private partnerships that are still nascent in diplomacy, but were celebrated last week as part of Global Partnerships Week (GP3) at the U.S. State Department.Read more »

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April 2014 Calendar

There are a few of conferences and events happening this month that we’re looking forward to participating in and watching from afar for new perspectives on sustainability and corporate social responsibility topics. The following are those that have made it to the top of our list.
•April 7— International Corporate Volunteerism Conference: Under the theme “Catalyzing Growth in Emerging Markets,” this annual conference will look at how companies can better engage with communities and realize opportunities for creating shared value. A part of the event, the Public-Private Partnership Forum, will be broadcast live on Facebook and will feature senior corporate and government leaders.Read more »

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#FF: Who We’re Following in March

Follow FridayThis Friday, we’d like to encourage you to check out these three influencers that we follow and think you might enjoy doing the same. They help us stay informed and provide new and interesting perspectives on sustainable growth and corporate responsibility.

  • Aman Singh (@AmanSinghCSR): As the Editorial Director of CSRWire, Aman has the latest news on corporate social responsibility strategies, programs and... Read more »

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Business Entrepreneurship, Culture and Women’s Empowerment

My blog follows a week of rigorous posts by APCO’s experts that covered several timely and current topics on what’s next for empowering women and girls. I wanted to focus a bit on entrepreneurship and its impact on women and the narrowing of gender gap.Read more »

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Dan Glickman on TTIP and the California Drought

We sat down with APCO International Advisory Council member and former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman to discuss the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the impact of the California drought. On TTIP, he addressed intellectual property, major players involved and benefits.Read more »

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Empowering Women & Girls in Local Communities

As companies assume increased responsibility for the well-being of the communities in which they operate and women and girls have emerged at the forefront of the global development agenda, businesses have sought smart community investment strategies to increase business visibility and maximize impact.Read more »

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The Private Sector’s Role in Empowering Women & Girls

In order to really move the needle in women and girls empowerment, the private sector needs to invest not only in the communities in which they work and live in, but also within the businesses themselves. Now, more than ever, corporations are seeking mutually beneficial investments that both improve their business portfolio and impact women globally. They are also experiencing external pressure to promote women’s equality and leadership within their businesses at an increasingly rapid pace.

Advocates for investing in women and girls have focused much effort on showing why investing in women and girls is not only the right thing to do, but also good for the business itself. As more corporations have become involved, several key internal initiatives have come to the forefront.Read more »

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